12 Photos of Reese Witherspoon From the '90s That'll Bring Back Your Best Style Memories


We'll admit, we have a thing for nostalgia at Glamour—but when it comes to '90s fashion nostalgia, we go absolutely wild. So, on the occasion of Reese Witherspoon's 40th birthday (Happy birthday, Reese!), we took the liberty of going back to her style in the decade we came to know her in. Yes, dear readers, it's Reese Witherspoon's journey through our very favorite fashion decade, with cameos from Selma Blair, Ryan Phillippe, and yes, even a bare midriff or two. Here's Reese at 15 in 1991. Ever the Southern girl, she's got her cowboy boots paired with an oh-so-'90s daisy-motif dress. Note the curled tendril (because yes, we all did it too). Spaghetti-strap top and chinos? You guessed it! It's 1993, and this is Witherspoon's airport look of the day. This was taken in 1994 but could totally be today (especially because this writer is wearing the exact same outfit at this very moment; just saying). A baby T-shirt, maxiskirt, and scarf belt? Thank you, 1996. This Prada satin shirtdress is is channeling today's pajama trend—and props for the Roberta di Camerino self-frame handbag. It's pretty fabulous for 1996, and yes, 2016. Was there a day under 60 degrees in